Cosy was exhibited at Centerspace Gallery, Bristol, UK in 2012.

Cosy is an exhibition about love, obsession, the body and knitting. It explores the compulsion to cocoon loved ones in hand made, lopsided jumpers, to wrap someone or something up, to keep it warm and safe even to the point that it can no longer escape or breathe. It examines human interactions, the space between bodies, touch and the sensation of not quite touching, and plays with our ability to perceive the world around us. Viewers were invited to interact with the artworks and “inhabit” the costumes.


BLOT was exhibited at Canberra Contemporary Art Space, Manuka, in 2011.

The works in BLOT are based on the idea of the Rorschach, or Ink Blot, test. In this test, an individual’s interpretations of abstract, symmetrical shapes are used to analyse their perception of the world around them. In these small paintings, figurative elements lose their context and become abstract, while abstract shapes take on recognisable forms.

The Beetle and the Butterfly

The Beetle and the Butterfly was exhibited at Window 99 in Melbourne and M16 in Canberra in 2011.

The Beetle and the Butterfly, a collaborative exhibition by Claire Pendrigh and Michele Grimstonexplores an interplay between beauty and functionality. The installation of small moments, created from found objects and craft materials, are set in the context of a magical night-time garden in which the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

Blue Blue Electric Blue

Blue Blue Electric Blue was exhibited at the Canberra Grammar Gallery, 2011.

Blue Blue Electric Blue explores ideas of synaesthesia and the interwoven nature of sensory experiences. Taking its name from a David Bowie lyric, the works in this exhibition use the visual qualities of texture, light and colour (blue in particular), to engage with the enigma of sound, music and sensuality, and the sublime experience of being immersed in sound and vision.

This exhibition was awarded to Claire Pendrigh by the Canberra Grammar Gallery at the ANU School of Art graduating show of 2009 as part of the Emerging Artist Scheme.