Some Stars Wobble

Some Stars Wobble  was exhibited in 2017 at Sawtooth ARI in Launceston, Tasmania. Imagine drawing a line in space that traces your location as you go round and round, as the globe spins on its axis, as the Earth orbits the sun, as the solar system revolves, slowly, around the centre of the galaxy. Everything […]

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Tea Seas

Tea Seas was created during a two-month artist residency with Studio Kura, in Itoshima, Japan, 2015. The body of work was exhibited at the Studio Kura Gallery in March 2015, and at Bunbury Regional Art Galleries in Western Australia in August 2015. Tea Seas uses imagery of a primordial sea contained within a teacup. The water in a […]

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Wonder was exhibited at Moores Building Contemporary Art Gallery, Fremantle, Western Australia in 2014. Wonder is an inquiry into locating the individual in the context of the universe. After all, we are all made from stardust. These paintings, drawings and knitted installations are inspired by a certain type of star, R Coroner Borealis stars (RCBs), which occasionally eject […]

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The Sky and the Earth

The Sky and the Earth was created at the Nes residency in Skagaströnd, Iceland, in 2012 and exhibited at Paper Mountain in Perth, Australia, in 2013. Skagaströnd is a small fishing town in Iceland’s north of about 500 people. I spent February and March living in this community, just missing the worst of winter but […]

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BLOT was exhibited at Canberra Contemporary Art Space, Manuka, in 2011. The works in BLOT are based on the idea of the Rorschach, or Ink Blot, test. In this test, an individual’s interpretations of abstract, symmetrical shapes are used to analyse their perception of the world around them. In these small paintings, figurative elements lose their context and become abstract, while abstract shapes […]

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Blue Blue Electric Blue

Blue Blue Electric Blue was exhibited at the Canberra Grammar Gallery, 2011. Blue Blue Electric Blue explores ideas of synaesthesia and the interwoven nature of sensory experiences. Taking its name from a David Bowie lyric, the works in this exhibition use the visual qualities of texture, light and colour (blue in particular), to engage with the […]

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