This body of work was created during an artist residency with the Tiapapata Arts Centre in Samoa in 2019, and was exhibited at the Arts Centre. The works explore the geography of the island through colour, pattern. Claire was also invited to create a large hanging mobile, purpose built for the high ceilings of the […]

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Blue Dot

Blue Dot was exhibited at the School House Gallery at Rosny Farm, Tasmania, in 2018. Look up – or should we say out. We inhabit a thin slice. Beneath us are layers of soil, sand, rock and magma; and above us, layers less visible radiate out from our sphere of heavier, terrestrial elements. The nestled […]

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At the Bottom of an Ocean of Air

At the Bottom of an Ocean of Air was exhibited in 2018 in Contemporary Art Tasmania’s project space, Hobart, Tasmania. Noi viviamo sommersi nel fondo d’un pelago d’aria “We live submerged at the bottom of an ocean of air” – Evangelista Torricelli (inventor of the barometer), 1634 At the Bottom of an Ocean of Air is […]

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Clouds of a Chaotic Sky

Clouds of a Chaotic Sky  was exhibited in 2018 at Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart, Tasmania. Lie on your back and observe the shapes drifting through the sky. Imagine the weight of the billions of droplets of water suspended – a blanket, saturated and heavy, slipping between forms, amorphous and ever changing. Clouds of a Chaotic Sky […]

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Some Stars Wobble

Some Stars Wobble  was exhibited in 2017 at Sawtooth ARI in Launceston, Tasmania. Imagine drawing a line in space that traces your location as you go round and round, as the globe spins on its axis, as the Earth orbits the sun, as the solar system revolves, slowly, around the centre of the galaxy. Everything […]

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An Intimate Universe

An Intimate Universe was created for, and exhibited in, the Bunbury Biennale at Bunbury Regional Art Galleries, Western Australia, in 2015. Nebulae are clouds of stars, dust and elements, drawn together and bound by gravity in a stellar family. These environments create and nurture new stars and solar systems, and hence they are sometimes referred to as stellar […]

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Tea Seas

Tea Seas was created during a two-month artist residency with Studio Kura, in Itoshima, Japan, 2015. The body of work was exhibited at the Studio Kura Gallery in March 2015, and at Bunbury Regional Art Galleries in Western Australia in August 2015. Tea Seas uses imagery of a primordial sea contained within a teacup. The water in a […]

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Cloudburst was exhibited at CHASM Gallery, New York, in 2014. Australian artists Christian Lock and Claire Pendrigh debut a dynamic two-person show exploring elemental forces and our connectedness to the universe. Pendrigh’s Star Clouds are knitted imaginings of the clouds of carbon dust produced by RCB type stars. These stars occasionally exhale clouds of carbon rich dust, obscuring […]

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Wonder was exhibited at Moores Building Contemporary Art Gallery, Fremantle, Western Australia in 2014. Wonder is an inquiry into locating the individual in the context of the universe. After all, we are all made from stardust. These paintings, drawings and knitted installations are inspired by a certain type of star, R Coroner Borealis stars (RCBs), which occasionally eject […]

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The Sky and the Earth

The Sky and the Earth was created at the Nes residency in Skagaströnd, Iceland, in 2012 and exhibited at Paper Mountain in Perth, Australia, in 2013. Skagaströnd is a small fishing town in Iceland’s north of about 500 people. I spent February and March living in this community, just missing the worst of winter but […]

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