Some Stars Wobble

Some Stars Wobble  was exhibited in 2017 at Sawtooth ARI in Launceston, Tasmania.

Imagine drawing a line in space that traces your location as you go round and round, as the globe spins on its axis, as the Earth orbits the sun, as the solar system revolves, slowly, around the centre of the galaxy.

Everything is acted on by gravity. Gravity is what holds these orbits together – the attraction between two masses, the taut string between a planet and a star. We often imagine ourselves at the centre of our own personal universe with others orbiting us, but sometimes the presence of others can pull these systems into highly complex, spinning, looping formations. The hanging mobiles, installations and paintings exhibited in Some Stars Wobble examine the complex balance of a shared existence in the universe.


Claire Pendrigh, “Telescope”, 2017, felted wool and various materials

Claire Pendrigh, “Some Stars Wobble” (detail), 2017, rocks and wire

Claire Pendrigh, “Some Stars Wobble”, 2017, rocks and wire

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