An Intimate Universe

An Intimate Universe was created for, and exhibited in, the Bunbury Biennale at Bunbury Regional Art Galleries, Western Australia, in 2015.

Nebulae are clouds of stars, dust and elements, drawn together and bound by gravity in a stellar family. These environments create and nurture new stars and solar systems, and hence they are sometimes referred to as stellar nurseries.

Our own galaxy and everything in it would have been created through this process. The elements required for stars, planets, life and for our human bodies, were all forged from stardust.

An Intimate Universe takes the form of a mobile, spanning over two meters, with ten hand knitted, beaded and crocheted clouds suspended from its aluminium arms. The installation explores the micro world of human relations placed in the context of the cosmos.

Claire Pendrigh - photo Paul Webster

Claire Pendrigh, An Intimate Universe, 2015, yarn and aluminium, 250 x 250 x 250 cm

One thought on “An Intimate Universe

  1. couldn’t find an email address for you. Just wanted to know, if you wanted me to follow up re Berlin galleries, as discussed last Saturday night.


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