Tea Seas

Tea Seas was created during a two-month artist residency with Studio Kura, in Itoshima, Japan, 2015. The body of work was exhibited at the Studio Kura Gallery in March 2015, and at Bunbury Regional Art Galleries in Western Australia in August 2015.

Tea Seas uses imagery of a primordial sea contained within a teacup.

The water in a cup of tea is one part of the Earth’s finite quantity of water. This water changes form, but it is never replenished. The water in your teacup is the same water that has flowed in the blood of every living organism – the same water from a primordial sea which nursed the first living cells on Earth. Just as the circle of your teacup echoes the shape of the cells in your body, it also mirrors the shape of this pale blue dot that we inhabit.

Taking its cues from the Japanese tea ceremony, Tea Seas follows a ritualistic process of repetition and restraint in order to explore our precarious human existence.

Read Alisa Blakeney’s catalogue essay about this body of work Fluid Dynamics at alisa.pizza.


Abiogenesis, 2015, Claire Pendrigh, digitally projected animation at Studio Kura Gallery

2 thoughts on “Tea Seas

  1. Thanks for sharing Claire,

    It’s a beautiful body of work. I’m hoping that there will also be an exhibition in Perth.

    Congratulations on the last few months.


    1. Thank you Kathy! There will indeed be an exhibition in WA – at Bunbury Regional Art Galleries in August. Hope you can make it, it would be lovely to catch up!

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