The Sky and the Earth

The Sky and the Earth was created at the Nes residency in Skagaströnd, Iceland, in 2012 and exhibited at Paper Mountain in Perth, Australia, in 2013.

Skagaströnd is a small fishing town in Iceland’s north of about 500 people. I spent February and March living in this community, just missing the worst of winter but before spring had thawed it out. The body of work I made examines the relationship between those two ever present and dominating features of the Icelandic landscape; the sky and the earth – and the community that exists between them.

“One might think that Australia and Iceland have little in common… Despite vastly differing geological features and conditions, parallels can be drawn between the two. They are places of extremes, where the mythological teeters on the brink of plausibility and where stories are grown, passed down and knit communities together.” Excerpt from The Sky and the Earth Catalogue essay by Shaye Preston, 2013

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